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5 Must See Fast Fashion Documentaries


Whether you’re a fashion fanatic or simply curious about the industry, these 5 fast fashion documentaries put the spotlight on this industry’s effects on our precious ecosystem and global social justice.

How are your clothes made? What’s actually going on in the fashion industry?

As pictures speak from themselves, we decided to create a list of 5 must watch documentaries about the downsides of the fashion industry. We have seen them all and are convinced that once you will watch at least one of them, you will never look at your clothes the same way. The selection encompasses French and English movies. This cheap and fast fashion industry must stop!

True Cost – Andrew Morgan

D&L fight for sustainable fashion started after watching this documentary. It explores the impact consumer’s pressure for low-cost high fashion has on garments workers, who produce those goods,  as well as on our planet. Indeed the price of clothing has been decreasing for decades while the human and environmental cost have grown dramatically. By watching this documentary you will understand why the conscious fashion movement started. 

Cash Investigation – Le luxe, les dessous Choc – Elise Lucet

Let’s dive into the glamourous world of luxury… From the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week to the small chinese and italian productors, Cash Investigation question the hidden impacts of the French luxury industry. Indeed your beautiful leather bags and shoes hide a lot of animal suffering and broken workers.

UDITA (Arise)- Rainbow collective

Udita follows a turbulent 5 years in the lives of women on the front line in the garment workers in Bangladesh fighting for a better life. Oppression, resistance, life and death these garment workers live in the slums as their salaries are barely enough to pay bills and afford food. A very powerful and emotional documentary.

River Blue – Mark Angelo

This groundbreaking documentary is a reminder of how much the fashion industry ravages our planet and its inhabitants. RIVERBLUE brings awareness towards the environmental cost of this industry and how some of the world’s most vital rivers are destroyed through harsh chemical manufacturing processes of our clothing and irresponsible disposal of toxic chemical waste. This documentary will make you realize how we are all connected and why is it important for us to realize why we must care for each other.  

Unravel- Meghan Gupta

Often when we don’t want to wear our clothes anymore we think that by simply dropping them off at the donation box we have done our part in the recycling process. But where do they really go after you toss them? Well this short documentary explains the process of unwanted and discarded clothing from Western countries all the way to Panipat, the only city in the world that takes this clothing and is recycled.

After watching those documentaries we hope you will start thinking twice before picking up another piece of affordable clothing made in a developing country, and instead educate yourself on what your money is funding.

By educating yourself on the subject you will be able to critically know which information to keep and which ones to leave behind in order to have a solid and objective opinions about this industry.  

Once you have watched on of them, comment below your impressions and feelings!

See you on the sustainable side,

Xx, D&L 

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