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How you, Citizen of the world, can change the Fashion Industry


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Does it ever feel like how the hell can I, with my low budget, lack of knowledge and busy life, face the Fashion giants to make a sustainable change?

No panic, we also felt the same. But fortunately, we realised that it is easier than we think. But first, let’s expose the struggle.

In today’s society, the rise of Fast Fashion, new collections of cheap, low-quality mass-produced clothing put on the shop floor every week, is based on a buy more and wear it less basic. However, as we are all aware of, this has enormous environmental and social consequences. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world and one of the largest employers of slave and child labour. Without emphasizing on the fact it is built on huge imbalances in economic distribution along the value chain. That’s why we truly believe that until transparency, accountability and fairness become central to the way the fashion industry is led and operates, sustainable fashion will remain a novel sideline collection household brands can sell at a premium for good PR.


But we cannot change the industry like this, right?

So why are we, the citizens of the world, leaving the probability of change to people that are not accountable and not transparent?

Why don’t we start taking actions to change our reality ourselves?


The Fashion Industry global issues and it’s dangerous impacts have emerged from so many causes that there cannot be one single solution for it. And in this very fact lies a great opportunity for us. As we, individuals, families and corporates, can work from a variety of angles to help address the underlying problem. We all know that simple, small actions can make a significant difference. For instance, we can all start to prioritise sustainability as a decision making factor when it comes to deciding which clothes to buy and what to do it when we do not want it anymore! Wait.

What does sustainability really mean? A simple word so often misused, it has to be made more comprehensive. Sustainability, at its core, means ensuring that our actions today won’t compromise the future.

That’s why we want to empower the general public so that they understand ‘who is who’ in the Fast Fashion Industry and what their real value creation is.

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To change this, we need to become a more conscious, aware society where we are all able to make more informed, mindful decisions. We have to contribute to a more human society where mankind fulfils its predestined role, to think.


We have been told that true power resides in the hands of the minority who run the world. But we know this is not true. In fact, it is the opposite. And here comes what we wanted to share with you. We, the people, we are the power. We have to realise that, we have supreme authority as we are the masses. If reflect on the major advancements that have happened in humanity, they all occurred thank to powerful masses and not a global elite. The power of people will always be stronger than people in power (Saji Ijiyemi).

We have the power to reshuffle the cards of this fashion game to make a truly sustainable difference and create a new era. Imagine one second if all of us start to buy from sustainable and ethical brands. The fast fashion brands would have no choice but to change in order to stay part of the game.

Therefore, we are calling you, who are reading this article, to start making a change a cloth at a time and together democratized the Sustainable Fashion.

Are you ready to make a change? If yes, leave a comment below. 

Looking forward to reading you.

See you on the sustainable side,


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