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We raise awareness on one topic: the environmental disaster and the modern slavery caused by the fashion industry and the alternatives

Did you know that one cotton t-shirt requires 2700 Litres of water to be produced? Or that every second the equivalent of one garbage truck of clothes ends up in landfills or is incinerated? Or that the majority of the 40 Million garment workers in the world, 80% of women, earn less than $100 a month?

We are all consumers. But most of us are uneducated consumers. In the beginning, we too did not know. But now that we do, we feel it is our responsibility to transfer this knowledge and the best practices so that we can altogether turn the fashion industry into an ethical and sustainable one. Because educated consumers have the power to create a change, one purchase at a time.

Who we are?

We, Diane and Lena, are the pioneers of an ethical and sustainable fashion movement in Mauritius. We raise awareness on the fashion and textile industry environmental and social impacts and educate every consumer, to use its purchasing power consciously on innovative and impactful solutions. We are certified from the Sustainable Fashion Acadamy of Sweden and are the Country Coordinators of Fashion Revolution in Mauritius, the biggest worldwide movement calling for a fairer, safer, cleaner, more transparent fashion industry.

We are on a mission to educate as many individuals – students, employees, workers, children, parents, producers, designers – as possible. We all share the same planet. And we all deserve to wear eco-friendly clothes made in dignity, not in misery.

If you are an educational institution (children 13+ years old), an association, a company, or a community, you can book us for your next event, conference or awareness session! We can tailor-made our sessions or talks to your need.


Tailor-made Recycled T-Shirt Workshop @ Vision le Morne, Mauritius


Using factory rejected t-shirts and textile wastes, we taught 20 children how to create a relationship with their clothes and create pieces of art.

"Small Steps Matters" Workshop @ Lycée Labourdonnais, Mauritius


After raising awareness on the downsides of the fashion industry and relevant alternatives, we animated a giant t-shirt confection made with damaged clothes and textile wastes with two classes of 25 children each.

"Raise your voice" talk @ Fédération des Enfants Doués, Mauritius


We talked about the environmental consequences of the fashion industry and the alternatives. Then the 8 gifted children raised their voices by writing engaging messages on two t-shirts that we are going to wear at each Climate Strike organized by FridayForFuture Mauritius.

On a beaucoup aimé l’intervention de Diane et Lena!

"On a beaucoup aimé l’intervention de Diane et Lena ! On a beaucoup apprécié apprendre d’où venaient nos vêtements et prendre conscience de tout le mal que cela fait à la planète !!  Heureusement elles nous on aussi donnés des méthodes pour être plus écologiques et aider notre planète. On les remercie pour cette intervention !"

Les élèves de la 5e1

Activitée avec 20 enfants

"Nous sommes très satisfaits de l'intervention de Diane et Lena. Elles ont co-animé, avec la marque de vêtement éco-responsable Net à l'Ouest, une activée avec 20 enfants de l'association pour qu'ils crééent leur t-shirt recyclé personalisé avec des chutes de tissus"