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The 7 forms of Sustainable Fashion you should know and adopt


Does it ever feel like everyone now is talking about Sustainable Fashion or even Slow Fashion but you have no clue what they are talking about?

Well continue reading and you will be able to follow their next conversation. Before we get started on the 7 things should you absolutely know to decide where you stand, we want to clarify that there are two perspectives of being sustainable. One of the brands and one of the consumers. 


FOR BRANDS this means improving all stages of the product’s life cycle, from design, raw material production, manufacturing, transport, storage, marketing and final sale, to use, reuse, repair, remake and recycling of the product and its components. And doing it by taking into account environmental and socio-economic aspects to leave a positive footprint on the world.


FOR YOU/CONSUMERS this means understanding the power of each of your purchase, choosing mindfully what materials and designs (timeless) to buy and from which brand, and asking yourself if the frequency of wearing that new piece worth the extent of its production conditions.

Fast fashion, in contrast with eco-fashion or slow fashion, has been highly debated and covered in media worldwide regarding its environmentally and socially harmful practices. We believe the two main responsibilities of fashion companies are, to obviously change their product distribution and marketing practices, but also to contribute to more sustainable consumption patterns. We start to assist in a transition where more and more clothing companies are improving their supply chains and transforming their business models to reduce overall environmental impacts, improve social conditions in factories, etc.

But why so? Because there is in parallel a growing awareness among consumers, especially younger generations. Consequently, there is a strong link between companies’ behaviour and the consumerism shift of their consumers. As a result, it appears that we, the consumer, have the ultimate power to make things change.

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But to do so in the right manner, we have to be properly informed to be able to make mindful decisions. We have realised that some individuals advocate the importance of eco-friendly produced clothes, while others prefer second hand/vintage clothes or highlight the benefits of renting, borrowing or swapping clothes instead of purchasing newly produced clothes.

To advance the sustainable industry, on one hand, companies must promote more environmentally, socially and ethically conscious production and consumption and consumers must become informed and responsible buyers.

Have a look at the figure below, showing the seven main forms of more sustainable fashion production and consumption you can adopt.


Of course, due to our individual differences and preferences, all forms will not necessarily suit all people equally. But at least now, you have an overview of the different options you have and could choose according to your personality.

Here are some of the general trends. Usually, the younger prefer to renew their wardrobes often; therefore using number 5, 6 and 7 would possibly be more suitable for them. Whereas, some people who have a consistent style prefer newly manufactured clothes without any history. Number 1 and 3 are more likely to be more attractive for them.  

Finally, when choosing your new clothes you can search for labels such as “Green& Clean” or “Fair & Ethical”. Indeed, on your sustainable fashion journey, one should aspire as much as possible to buy new clothes that are environmentally and socially responsible, although it usually entails a higher price tag. 

Buy less, choose well and make it last

Vivienne Westwood


Now that you know the different forms of sustainable fashion, comment below which one you prefer or which one you use.

Looking forward to reading you.

See you on the sustainable side,

Xx, D&L

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  1. I'll go for the 1 ,2 and 5 ! So proud of you girls ! Love your project and your ideas !!!

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